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Conscious Creation: Love each other as I have loved you

Conscious Creation Rule # 7: Love each other as I have loved you

Love makes the World go round. Heck, Love makes the Universe go round. But down here, love is there only if you put it there. That’s because we are creators, and we have free will. Well, maybe you can ask for it, but the best way to get it is to give it to others and wait for it to come back. =)

So what do I mean by Love? There are many ways to express your love.

You can get to know others better.

You can do things for others.

You can tell them how important they are to you.

You can listen to their problems and give advice.

You can offer them things they need.

You can tell them that they will always have a place under your roof and beside you at the dinner table.

You can keep them company, laugh with them, spend time with them.

In fact, the whole history of the world is built upon things people do for themselves and other people in the name of love. (Or the lack of it.)

OK, Rule 7.1: Love Yourself First.

So many people out there spend all their time trying to please others that they don’t have any attention left for their own needs. How can you love other people properly if you don’t even love yourself? I used to be like this – and people abused my kindness. Not all of them though, I had some pretty good friends who defended me coz I didn’t know how to defend myself from abuse. But finally I understood why I seemed to attract the wrong kind of friends.There has to be a balance between the love you give and the love you get, and if you’re not getting enough, better give yourself a little more.

Rule 7.2: Discipline is a kind of love.

Yeah, believe it or not. But too much of a good thing is always bad. Even Love. Love a child too much, and he might not learn to depend on himself.

Yes, discipline must be balanced by affection. Let there be an affection hour where your children can say absolutely anything and you won’t get angry. Let there be a discipline hour when your children have to be absolutely behaved. They will learn something from both, trust me. But no matter the time, no matter what they do or say or think, let them know that you’re doing this because you love them.

Rule 7.3: Balance is key

We’ve already covered discipline, but there are other things you can do to yourself and others that qualify as love in the right amounts, but is destructive when overdosed with. Yep, even affection.

Human beings are complex creatures. Give them too much of one thing, and they’ll be undernourished on other things. There has to be a balance of everything, more or less, to make a perfectly rounded human being. (And I don’t mean that waistline-wise.) =)

As Master Yoda said, “We are beings of Light! Not this crude matter.” You are not your body! YOU ARE A SOUL WITH A BODY, NOT A BODY WITH A SOUL. You are CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness has many parts, and each part is capable of LOVE. In fact, that is all they are capable of. Hate and fear and all that is not the opposite of Love – it is merely the absence of it.

When you fear, you do so with an absence of understanding.

When you hate, you do so with an absence of appreciation.

When you misbehave, you do so with an absence of discipline.

On the other hand, too much understanding can cause you not to be able to commune with the ones you love, by causing your ideas to be too much for them to comprehend. Understanding must be balanced by Sharing.

In fact, you might want to try this little test – the more you share, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more you have to share.

When you explain something to others, you understand it more clearly almost automatically, because the very intent of sharing something forces you to try to make sense of it, just so you can form the sentences you will use to share it.

And the more you tell others what you know, the more others will want to share with you what they know.

The opposite is also true – too much Sharing with too little Understanding create, well, gossip. And gossip creates further misunderstanding.

Rule 7.4 : All Love comes from Heaven

Acknowledge your creator. Very important. It is one of the things you need to do to get to New Earth. Thank the creator and the angels for getting you through every single day, and for both your blessings and challenges. Thank them for every new day as you wake up. Thank them for the strength to face your challenges, the ideas that solve your problems, the unexpected gifts that come your way. Whatever you create, include the creator and the angels in your processes. And if you ever come across something you can’t do alone, ASK FOR HELP!



“Acknowledge your creator. Very important. It is one of the things you need to do to get to New Earth.” I got this from the2012countdown.com. The other 2 things are Karmic Clearing, which you can do using emotional healing, and Rejuvination – upgrading your DNA to crystalline (Silicon instead of carbon).




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