Sep 30

Conscious Creation: Harmony

Rule # 6: Harmony. Work with the angels.

It would be great if you could take a break, take a day off, and just relax and connect with Nature. See how everything gets along with everything else. This is the balance of Nature. Guess what? You’re part of Nature! You’re a part that tries to live away from it, and wonder why you get sick!

Still, it’s not practical to just dump everything and go back to the wild. But do notice how much unnatural stuff goes into the food you eat, into the things you put on your skin and hair. Try to do away with those. Sure, organic food costs more than regular food, but your angels would want you to love yourself, heart body and mind. So ask them for help.

Anyway, back to creation. When creating something, often we need to be patient. “In God’s time” the saying goes. “Let God be the doer.” Don’t rush it. Don’t force it. The angels might be putting things together for you behind the scenes. I’ve had this happen to me lots of times. Work with the angels.

Often, our karma requires us to learn specific things, such as patience and loving our neighbor, before things work out for us. If our intent is wrong, the angels will send messages to us and wait until “We get it”. Then things just fall into place.

Everything has a reason, everything has a purpose. If you wonder why something undesirable happened to you, why ask the angels! Maybe it’s to make you stronger, maybe it’s to tell you you’re doing it the wrong way.

How can you hear the angels? How do you know what they’re saying? Oh, most of the time they use the world around you and your feelings. Me, when I entertain improper thoughts, I usually get a bonk in the head. Or I bite my tongue unintentionally. Things like that. But that’s because I’ve asked them to do that. You have to customize your own language with the angels – agree with them that this means one thing and that means another thing.

Some people just say “Give me a sign!” Well, agree with them on what kind of sign means what. If you don’t get what you’ve agreed upon, maybe the answer is something you haven’t thought of – like you’re thinking in terms of yes and no, and the answer is “It depends.” Complicated? It’s what makes life interesting. =)

To make things simple, search the internet for Angel Numbers.



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