Sep 26

September 26, 2012 – What Now?

It’s funny how as I write a title for what I am going to write on any given day, the title just writes itself and then the blog or article follows suit. Most of the time I do not know why I write a title in the way it comes out, but alas, it reveals itself.

I would suppose that many are at this point saying “What now?” because it’s a valid question. Many of us are finishing up with our emotional clearing roller coaster rides (at least as finished as we can get, for the moment). We are cleaning up and cleaning out both figuratively and literally. We are even pulling back as we see the world implode around us. Others are waking up now, and they are thinking WTF?!? Some may be thinking oh no, I woke up too late. Others may just be in awe, while others still are overwhelmed. What to do? What to do? 

Oddly enough, Kem (my monad / higher self) has told me to simply CONNECT. I am to do this through what he calls “grid work,” or simply forming new energetic pathways around the world connecting to others. I have shunned this work for a long, long time while I went deep within. For anyone who has kept up with me via this website, you know that it has stagnated beyond belief! On most days I cannot bring myself to even log on, because that opens up energy pathways that I cannot bear to feel. In these last days of 2012 – the end of the world as we know it to be cliche – I no longer have a choice. It is all about connections.

My message today is, Let Us All Connect. Connect to those with like energies. Connect to those newly awakened, then move on to old souls who maybe you have known for eons. Connect with whomever you are guided to. Crisscross the globe with new pathways. You don’t have to physically travel. This information super highway also carries our consciousness! When we communicate it makes pathways around the world in the blink of an eye. Those more traveled are well-worn just like a physical path in the forest. Others are there for only an instant. But they connect with all of us points of light, and they create a new tomorrow. 

Yes, a new tomorrow! Even a new today. The new energy grid is what is holding the space for what we will build together. It is both exciting and frightening to say this! It means we must take responsibility and be accountable. But that is the way of higher vibrational expressions! If we can let go of the fear, we will grow just as a plant does towards the sun, and bloom when we have reached new heights. In fact, we will bloom over and over. We are blooming now.

Thank you for allowing me to make this connection with YOU today. Across all space/time, Namaste and the utmost of blessings!


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