Aug 02

Today’s blog August 2 2012

Well I woke up full of something today. I hate to call it venom, because it’s not hate related. But I have something to say! That hasn’t been so for awhile. It tells me that cycles have yet again changed, and I am on a vocal one.

My thoughts today are somewhat random, yet organized. I guess when you stay silent for so long you tend to blurt everything out at once. So here it goes.

Had I not done so much emotional clearing over the years, I would be in a very bad space right now. Thank you Jelaila Starr for taking me down that path. I have mentioned to countless people over countless years how actually doing emotional clearing work – doing the work – can help you to be a more balanced person who experiences far less emotional pain than the average Joe. It’s true. If anyone wants to know about my own experiences I am not shy and will tell all if asked. I am certainly an advocate for good old fashioned cleaning that emotional house. It’s not fun. It’s not glamorous or mysterious, but it works.

I am learning that despite my idealism, sometimes you just have to deal with things the best way that you can for the circumstances. My mother has recently started medication of the anti-psychotic kind. I do not advocate this for anyone who can be helped in another way. Hence my emotional clearing rant from the last paragraph, and I also have other healing modalities that i have personally used and seen used – and they work. But my mother is 68 years old, has been emotionally crippled for years, and the past 5-7 years have been a devastating blow to her. So why am I even bitching to myself about giving her something that will make the last few years of her life (presumably) happy ones? I don’t know, so I’m quitting the bitching and playing with the cards I have – her cards, my cards.

I now live in a multi-generational household. This was not my choice, but was set up by Kem, my monad (higher self). Why would he do this to me you ask? (I say that in jest) Well, there will be many changes this year and worrying about my mother or anyone else would be a distraction. So he fixed it, and here I am. With access to all of the multidimensional knowledge that I do not have, I am going with Kem’s flow. I chose to include this because many of you may be faced with similar situations and I urge you to step out of the 3D drama that you see around you and really find out why you’re facing certain circumstances. It’s not always as it seems. For me, I am like a mother bear to those in my care and I do not rest if I don’t know the status of my cubs. When it comes time for me to help others in my lightworker capacity (I mean when the earth changes really get started), I need to know my cubs are safe. My biological mother has been in my care since I was 7 years old, so she is indeed one of my cubs. We must share a wonderful karmic bond (laughing).

I have a tremendous sense of foreboding today. If I find out more I will share. For now, let me share a new Archangel Michael board that I am co-owning with Athena – Finding Your Angel Ways. Hope you enjoy!


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