Jul 19

7/19/2012 – Coming Out of the Fog

I have been compelled to begin writing again for awhile, but I have not been well and so haven’t wanted  to put myself back out there – even if no one is reading! Just to make the outward connection seems to drain my internal resources in a way that I haven’t been able to bear.

I wonder how many others are feeling this way? I can’t imagine how those who are just now awakening feel. They are truly coming out of the fog! But those of us who have been at this awhile, we have our own ups and downs that are similar yet different than the newly awakened ones. I marvel at people like Lisa Gawlas who blogs on a near constant basis, no matter what is going on or how tired she is. I thought of her in particular – her energy is so awesome! I think of people who I have seen and their physical bodies are not very healthy (looking anyway), and yet they are able to weather these energy storms and upgrades with apparent ease. I neglected the physical for some time, and I have suffered for it. To put it in computer terms, my software has stressed the hardware (body) to the limit. I need an upgrade, and fast.

I am certainly the pot calling the kettle black in this case, as my husband can tell you I am very often inactive, and I allow food cravings to get the best of me. I worked on my emotional and etheric bodies for years, and in high gear, but I get stopped by my poor physical body. Poor as in poor resources not wealth. The times I have listened to my guides and just gotten fit again, I’ve jumped in frequency in a huge way. I even fasted once recently. Again, big jump.

For the past 3 weeks I have had insufferable back pain. It began when the solar flares started up again. On Sunday of this week, the back pain was gone but I ended up with acute sciatica in my right leg and can hardly walk. That was definitely solar flare related – the one that shot off July 14 arrived near that time. But I also picked up some entities that came in through my back-related weak aura point and took advantage of the other weaknesses in my body. What I ended up with is a ravaged nervous system. Oh yay. Can’t you feel the excitement?

I write with the sentiment that maybe my experiences will help someone else. I’ve learned that this is the case – sharing your experiences does help others. But when you’re down, you’re down, and I feel way down. The bright side is that there is only upward to go!

On a separate note, the 2013 Chronicles site has run its course and will be taken down soon. I’ll be sure to preserve the story here and perhaps other places as well.


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