May 15

The May 5 Energy Hangover!

Well, I began writing an article about the tremendous energies I experienced on May 5, 2012 on May 6. I didn’t get very far! I already felt overwhelmed and I knew I wasn’t hitting the mark with what I wanted to say. Actually, I had that “empty” and tired feeling you get when you’ve spent a day at the pool in the sun and water. I don’t know why, but that is a very distinct feeling and that’s exactly what I felt like. As the week went on I edited what I wrote once or twice, but I was still wiped out. What little energy I had was spent on family (having a child wears you out all by itself!), and on my 3D job that pays the bills.

I have the pleasure of being responsible for a lot of humans with my job. I say that as a joke, actually, because in the end I really do find that I care for and like most of them, even when they act like an idiot and are doing anything except for what we’re paying them to do. And before you judge me for calling anyone an idiot, keep in mind that just last December we had someone poop in the urinal at the office. I would like to think that they temporarily lost their mind. But I digress.

So last Wednesday I had a trying day as I had to leave my home office and go spend the day at the local office on personnel issues. The move to a home office was actually a blessing, because for the most part I get to ride out these energies without having others to drain my energy field. Not so last Wednesday. I came home dead tired and was thrilled that no one was home. I laid down to take a nap but couldn’t sleep much. It was like the fatigue was overridden by the intense bombardment of energy that was still going on.

On Thursday morning at 5am I woke up with a headache. I knew what to do…asked my husband to get me the nasal spray and the aspirin and I thought by the time MY alarm went off I’d be fine. Uh-uh. I kept the headache until sometime on Friday May 11. And by that time I had taken more aspirin than I should have, which made me feel bad all by itself.

May 11 was my 15th wedding anniversary, and we had planned to do some stuff that we consider fun. I was excited and had asked for the day off of work. I got as far as lunch and got the worst case of the big “D” that I have had in ages! Afterward I was pooped (no pun intended!) and had to take a nap. Again, very intense fatigue that was almost overridden by the intense energy I could feel coming in. At one point I felt that “after pool” feeling again. I was still being cleaned out. It was intense!!

Truthfully I felt terrible all weekend. And this morning, I realized that I feel like I had a several day long hangover. I won’t lie – I used to love to drink alcohol and while I still love beer, it doesn’t agree with my body or my spiritual path’s work. But I submit that those of you who have ever had a bad hangover will never forget what it feels like!

The best I can describe what happened to me during this last week is that I was “burned out” and “burned up” in a sense. The energy really cleansed me of what I did not need in my being, hence the bout with the big D as I lovingly call it, and also the hangover feeling (which you would get if you were burning off alcohol!). And I really, really wanted to write about it, but darn it, I just couldn’t I felt so bad.

I know that some of you, too, got a really big dose of it and hopefully you took good care of yourself. You may have seen others around you waking up even, and hopefully you were able to help them. I have seen in several newsletters that I receive that more energy is coming. I see the activity on the sun and last night on the local radar, I saw a HAARP ring for the first time. I have had some really interesting and intense dream state activity as well. So we are in for some big changes.

Right now I’m “keeping my head above water…” (yes, I’m singing the “Good Times” theme song!), but wishing you all well as you navigate through these interesting energy times.


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