May 02

Synchronicity Abounds!

What an interesting day I’ve had today! I was guided to go to the Galactic Free Press forum – I had not yet visited that portion of their website – and I found a post that Kem said I should respond to. It was a very nice lady who was experiencing some fear about the ETs, and she had assumed they were all of the same mindset. So I responded to her explaining some were nice, some not so nice, etc. Just like people.

After a couple of posts, she signed her name ET and said “these really are my initials!” Well that was funny, but I didn’t see anything other than a cute coincidence at that point.

When I returned to my work email, I had a note from a local technical college who wanted us to participate in their PAC. If that wasn’t enough, it was from…ET. I won’t give that lady’s name, but her initials were also ET and it actually read for her name “ET at 116.” The PAC is being held on May 9. Let’s sum up:

  • ET “contact” twice in the midst of an hour today
  • PAC – realized later that it wasn’t the same initials as Sheldan Nidle’s PAO’s, but that was the gist that my guides told me at the time I received it. They called it Planetary Action Committee.
  • 116 – I was born at 1:16am – rebirth?
  • Happens May 9, which is the date that the man doing the Timewave Zero synopsis said that the novelty period ends on. Also, 5/9 = 14 = 5, which is the number of change. If you add the year 2012 to the mix, it’s a 1 which is unity.

I make no predictions here, but that was the most fun I’ve had in several days and can’t wait to see what pans out.

I seem to recall from a couple of wonderful YouTube’s I’ve seen on May astrology that we have a long bout of positive synchronicity. Perhaps this is a case of that. We will see!


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