May 01

Why It’s Okay

I have to say that I find myself despondent lately when I read all of the hope going around on the internet about the new financial system and the escape from tyrrany. Yes, despondent. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true, but with good reason. I wanted to write a few days ago about those reasons, but Kem told me that all I would do was create an argument for myself about the who’s and the why’s, and he asked me not to do it. Now I can see what I really needed to write about.

I need to write about why it’s okay if things completely collapse. Let’s emphasize that IT’S OKAY if the shit hits the fan!! Yeah, well, it may be uncomfortable but it’s okay and we (I, you, us) will be okay. As much as we would like for it not to, everything moves in cycles and the destruction/creation cycle is one of those givens. As we grow as souls, we may be able to change the circumstances of the destruction, but an ending is an ending. All programs end. As a HUman, I’m honestly not sure if I prefer a grand finale, huge  cataclysm or if I prefer a blink and poof! we’re gone! sort of scenario. But my multidimensional layers of self know that it’s okay. It’s really okay. I’ve probably done this before, many of us have, and our spirits live on even if our physical bodies happen to die.

And think of this…as spirits our primary goals are to grow right? We often grow the most through the greatest adversity. Why else would all of us advanced souls have incarnated now if not for the huge growth potential? I can’t imagine why! This is some hard stuff! And guys, we are experiencing stuff SO fast right now! Adversity can’t possibly last for long, can it? Well, if it does, we’ve trained for this, too.

Now, aside from the multidimensional aspects of our journey, we are living in a broken system. Great vision, broken system. Our financial system is broken, our representative government is broken, everything is broken. Even the air we breathe and the foods we eat – broken, poisoned. And being non-violent citizens of the universe, striving for peace and loving our brothers and sisters, we would never take drastic measures ourselves to bring this to an ending. But the universe is already heading there, so why not just ride this roller coaster and let it run its course? Do you really believe that the powers that be are going to allow another system to be put into place? Do you really believe that they will be on “your side?” I can’t help but think of the Pink Floyd lyrics to Wish You Were Here in regards to this stream of consciousness.

Let’s have those be rhetorical questions for now, because that wasn’t the intent of my blog post today. My main point is that maybe putting our hope into one specific outcome – our eggs into one basket – is too damn specific. Maybe hoping for a 3D outcome will bring us…more 3D. Maybe we are not supposed to know the outcome of this movie. Maybe…well there are a lot of maybe’s.

Hope is a wonderful thing. I hope this movie ends soon. I want to have an intermission and then see the next one! But I have lost all delusions of knowing just exactly what the outcome of this movie will be. I just hope for something better, something different. I do know that we will all be participants in the outcome, whatever it may turn out to be. And if it does turn out to be all of the stuff I’m currently reading – and disagreeing with – well so be it. It’s Okay.



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