I love doing readings and am excited to be officially providing them to you at this time! However, please know that readings of any type are not meant to “tell you what to do,” but rather to provide guidance for you to make healthy, empowered decisions about your situation and circumstances. They help you to understand things better so that you can do that. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can help to provide the insight that you need to make decisions for yourself. I currently do tarot and oracle card readings. If you desire a reading where I read for you using my psychic ability, please contact me to discuss available times and prices, as I don’t do those on a regular basis anymore.

Intuitive Tarot

I read tarot intuitively, meaning I rely not only on the card symbolism and meaning, but also on my clairvoyant skills to communicate with your guides while reading for you.

If you have questions about tarot readings, please email me at  and make sure you put Tarot Reading in the Subject line. I currently read with the Radiant Rider-Waite and Wildwood decks.


Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

I can read for you using several beautiful oracle card decks. Please specify if you would like one of the following decks:

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle – Cheryl Yambrach Rose

The Soul’s Journey (James Van Praagh’s beautiful deck)

Messages from your Angels – Doreen Virtue

Healing with the Fairies – Doreen Virtue

How to Purchase

Click the link below for the correct number of questions, and check out via PayPal. After you have paid, please send me your question and which deck you would like for me to use via email to . If you don’t specify a deck, I will read for you using the deck I’m intuitively guided to use.


– 1 Question Reading – $7 USD


– 2 Question Reading – $12 USD


– 3 Question Reading – $21 USD


Terms and conditions:

I will contact you upon receiving your order with acknowledgement and any questions if anything is unclear, and return your reading within 24-48 hours unless this page states otherwise (for example, if I am on vacation and unable to read for you within that time frame). There are no refunds on readings.

Essential Oils

I am starting my Young Living distributor business after several months of using the oils myself. If you would like help with essential oils, email me. You can also look at the products on Young Living’s website and I can order for you or sign you up as a distributor. If you sign up as a Distributor (no obligation – you just get to buy at wholesale prices), I would appreciate you using this link!


Musings for 8/19/2017

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Musings for 8/17/2017

I pulled some tarot cards from my Wildwood deck today to ask about an issue I’m experiencing, and the first card I pulled was the Four of Vessels – Boredom. This card says “boredom” but specifically speaks about forward motion and how inaction leads to boredom. The question was about “right action” specifically, so here …

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